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Go Digital grant is announced in 2017 with a budget of 80 million would to be injected into the scheme for over 4 years to groom SME to develop their technical competencies.

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Why Leoacle Consulting for digital business consulting?

Digital business consulting is our job and Leoacle Consulting is our name. In this disruptive era, technology is sophisticated, disruptive and embedded into our daily lives. Digital transformation is also a topic that every organisation has undergone to reborn, reinvent and rethink. Many had walked in this path but to avoid falling potential pitfall, do not walk alone.

As a digital business consultant, we understand that the world is always moving, shifting and reforming. Businesses rise and fall, technology comes and go. Survival of this business is about the rule of the jungle. Change is the only consistent element. As a strategy, a business had to scout their environment and navigate ahead to set their goals,

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Go Digital grant is announced in 2017 with a budget of 80 million would to be injected into the scheme for over 4 years to groom SME to develop their technical competencies.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation is crucial for every business because technology has become a part of everyone’s life today. Technology is disruptive and has two faces the good and the bad. The good side helps every business to grow, increase your productivity and reduce your workload. The side causes you to lose clients, disrupt workflow and money for a white elephant. We would very much want to avoid the pitfall and this is the reason why working with the right person is important.

Leoacle Consulting wants to leverage your businesses using disruptive technology. As a digital business consultant, we provide insights to help our clients to identify, navigate and grow.

What is digital business consulting?

what is digital business consulting

Digital business consulting is about understanding the needs of a business by taking into account the technology and people. Most businesses engage with fire fighting on their day to day basis. As a result, they search for solutions to quench the fire but failed to grow on a long term basis.

Therefore, taking account of the macro environment is it important to look at the element of change to create goals in the long term. Leoacle consulting work with business to take into account the requirement of the changing environment to manipulate the forces in the market, disruptive forces and innovation destruction.

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government grants

Government Grants – This would include grants for SME Singapore. Most business grants are government fundings for business. We work with Enterprise Singapore and IMDA for approval.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – this includes e-commerce, analytics, SEO, SEM and social media. We would take steps to understand your business before providing a solution. Consulting process includes a four-step diagnostic framework; analysing the organisation behaviour, identify the hidden problem, provide the business idea and review the organisation.

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