Would Capability Development Grant (CDG) replace Productivity Innovation Credit (PIC)?

With PIC ending in YA 2018, business have no choice but to seek for alternative funding from the government. Many are looking into CDG and are learning more about the scheme. Find out the latest information from my website

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I am a business consultant under SME Centre with Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI). Leoacle Consultancy is a consolidation of my knowledge in digital marketing and technology hence my specialization is in digital technology. With this in mind, I would very much aspire to be a digital technology consultant. Importantly, business needs to evolve with changing times and leveraging on disruptive technology. You could find more info on my profile here.

It is my job as a business consultant to learn about digital marketing and technology. This is my project website for purely for testing of SEO and SEM.

Contact me for a free discussion.

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