Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for SME

To encourage business to adopt information technology, Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) is created. The scheme aimed to move local business a step closer to SMART city.

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Why Leoacle Consulting for business consulting?

Business consulting is our job and Leoacle Consulting is our name. This website consolidation of knowledge in business consulting, digital marketing and information technology. My purpose is to collect and share knowledge in regards to new media and new technology. Project testing on this website includes SEO, SEM, email marketing, analytics, and web advertising.

As a business consultant, we understand that the world is always moving, shifting and reforming. Businesses rise and fall, technology comes and go. Survival of this business is about the rule of the jungle and constantly change is the only element in this world that is consistent. On this website. I will be happy to share my knowledge and you could contact me.

Latest article Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

PSG scheme is launched in 2018 to encourage SME to hope onto the scheme to upgrade their capability. The scheme supports up to 70% on the approved purchase. Leoacle consulting encourage business to look into this scheme for support.

Business consulting services list includes;

  1. Business Grants – mainly grants from Singapore government for its local businesses.
  2. Digital Marketing – this includes e-commerce, analytics, SEO, SEM and social media.
  3. Information Technology – anything from software building, open source and information on new technology.

*The list would be expanded in future as I would need time to write the article.

Business Consulting meaning . . .

Leoacle Consulting wants to leverage your businesses using disruptive technology. We specalised with business consulting, digital marketing and information technology to navigate our clients in this changing world. As a business consultant, we provide insights to help out clients in strategies, identify and disrupt. You could be a business or startup, we would navigate you with creative innovation.

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