Greetings, l am Lim Yaoming a.k.a Leon. l graduate from SIM with a degree in Business Management, major in Entrepreneurship with minor in HR and marketing. l studied in NYP for Diploma in IT.

It sounds crazy but in my days business and technology are a separate discipline. I believe that technology is going to be the driving force for the future and business every business would have to depend on it.

Together with my hobby of hiking and travelling, I visited various countries in ASEAN and exposed myself to various cultures. This value add to my exposure and together with my experience, knowledge and network, I become who I am today.

I love my job as a business consultant. In this website, I called myself an observer because I observed the change of this world, transition of geopolitics and evolution of business technology just to share it around with those who believe in the theory of chaos.

This website is my creation and my baby. In fact, it’s very hard to maintain the website by creating the content and updating the information. It is also a good place for me to trial various concepts. Do not be surprised to see anything weird.

A consultant for SME Centre@SCCCI under SPRING Singapore

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