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As a business consultant, providing information on grants is my bread and butter. However, I would like to emphasise that business grants are only useful on a short-term basis on project basis. Business must catch the evolving trends in the ever-changing world to survive in the long term. As a result, I specialized myself with digital marketing and information technology. This section of my website is dedicated for Singapore business to provide them information on various grants.

Information on this website might be outdated, please verify with relevant government ministry and schemes administrator on the latest development.

1. SME Go Digital

SME Go Digital scheme is announced by the Parliament by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat in April and a budget of 80 million would be injected into the scheme for over 4 years to groom SME to develop their technical competencies. Launched by IMDA in 2017.

2. PIC Scheme

This scheme was launched in 2010 by IRAS and initially, this scheme is supposed to end in YA 2015 but was extended until YA 2018. This scheme has ended in 2017

3. Capability Development Grant

CDG Scheme is started by Enterprise Singapore (formerly known as SPRING Singapore), the scheme encourages business to develop their core capabilities and it supports investment into 10 supportable areas.

4. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)

PSG is crafted as a replacement for Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV). The scheme funds up to 70% for purchase on pre-approved software solutions and equipment.


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